NomaCares Center

November 4, 2019


Noma Cares Center

Donations to help members of the SSU community impacted by the Kincade Fire and related evacuations can be sent to: .

Contact: (707) 664-3833 |

NomaCares is the Sonoma State University portal for students, faculty, and staff who are impacted by the Kincade Fire and need assistance.

Students, faculty, and staff can call or write to NomaCares.

You will find here Resource Guides for faculty and advisors and the Student Resource Guide.

The phone line will be answered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily until Nov. 8. After hours the phone line will roll to

Student Resources Available 

  • Counseling and Psychological Services: Provides confidential counseling to students experiencing personal problems that interfere with academic progress or well-being.
  • Student Health Center: Questions about your health, including concerns about smoke-related problems.
  • Advising Central:  Questions about your course schedule or university processes like change of major, change of grade mode, withdrawal from a course or the semester.
  • Financial Aid: Questions about your financial aid package for fall 2019 and spring 2020.
  • Seawolf Services: Questions about student changes for tuition, housing, parking and other costs.

Employee Resources Available

  • Access to  (enter password: Sonoma)
  • 24/7 telephone assessment/counseling (1-800-367-7474)
  • Access to Spanish-speaking counselors
  • Legal consultation with an attorney
  • Financial consultation with a certified financial counselor
  • 3 free in-person counseling sessions with a local counselor for help with: Crisis Situations, pet care providers and needs, health and wellness resources, elder care resources and programs, child care providers and needs, any other personal or family concern work/life resources and referrals, family difficulties, depressions and anxiety, stress.
  • Financial consultation with a certified financial counselor
  • Legal consultation with an attorney
  • Access to Spanish-speaking counselors
  • If you have questions regarding SSU offered Benefits, Payroll and staff leave of absence process, please contact Trisha Ramos directly at (707) 664-2178 or the Payroll and Benefits main line at (707) 664-2793 or visit their website.

免费高清视频_无码一本道dvd专区_真多人做人爱视频免费CSU employees who may be displaced or impacted by the fires and have an insurance policy with California Casualty (which has a long-term relationship with the CSU for employee insurance needs), please call the toll-free claims number at 800 800-9410.

免费高清视频_无码一本道dvd专区_真多人做人爱视频免费For employees with a Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(B) who wish to make a hardship withdrawal, please visit the or call them at (800) 343-0860.

Hardship Withdrawals: Hardship withdrawal for severe financial hardship (as defined by the IRS), including medical expenses, purchase of a primary residence, tuition-related fees, to prevent eviction or foreclosure, funeral expenses, or repairs to your home due to theft, fire or natural disasters–restrictions apply. Contributions are suspended for 6 months.

For employees with a Savings Plus 401(k) or 457, please visit the to find out further information regarding emergency withdrawals or loans.  They can also be reached at (855) 616-4776.